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Our beef cattle are a mix of heritage breeds including Speckled Park, a more modern breed developed in Canada, Highland, and some Belted Galloway. These breeds were specially chosen for their ability to be raised and finished on nothing but their mother’s milk and grass. They are not fed any grains or corn, and are hormone and antibiotic free.


 Our quality grass-fed beef starts at $ 6.75 / lb


Our mixed quarters are sold at $ 7.25 / lb hanging weight. This includes the .90 / lb fee that the butcher charges for cutting and wrapping the meat.  A typical grass finished beef quarter will have a hanging weight of 115 lbs, which would cost approximately $833.


Our halves are sold at $ 6.75 / lb hanging weight, including cutting and wrapping fees. A half would have a hanging weight of around 230 lbs, which would cost approximately $1552.


What is hanging weight?

Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after it has been butchered as it hangs in the butcher’s coolers ageing. The butcher bases his cost of cutting and wrapping the meat on this weight.  It is also the most common way of paying for quarters and halves of beef and pork.  The hanging weight does not equal the actual meat that you will be put in your freezer; this is referred to as “boxed weight” which is generally around 70% of the hanging weight and varies depending on bone in vs bone out cuts, the amount of fat on the carcass and the leanness of the ground meat.  The difference between hanging weight and boxed weight is certainly taken into consideration when determining cost per lb and is generally less with grass finished beef than it is with conventionally finished beef.


Our customers can purchase our grass finished beef by the half side (mixed quarter of the beef) or side (half of the beef).  A half side is simply a side of beef divided into two equal quarters which ensures that our customers receive equal shares of the choice cuts from the hind quarter.



To reserve your quarter or half beef you can email us at or call 819-647-2385.


A deposit is required for all orders.

In order to reserve your beef order a deposit of $150 is required for a quarter or $300 for a half.

Deposits can be paid by e-mail transfer or cash / cheque.

You will receive a confirmation from us at the farm once your deposit has been processed.


 Closer to the butcher date you will be sent a “cut sheet” so that you can personalize how you would like you meat cut and wrapped.

Looking for a smaller order or a mix of different meats?

Check out our meat boxes and meat subscriptions!

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