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Netherleigh Farm is located on the shores of the Ottawa River just 5 minutes south of Shawville, Quebec. It has been in our family for well over a century and in all those years its 110 acres have been farmed 100% organically. The beautiful river bottom soil and rolling pastures have never been touched with chemical fertilizer, herbicides, or pesticides.


At Netherleigh Farm we are committed to raising pastured livestock and providing delicious, healthy meat in an environmentally sustainable, humane, and natural way. 

On our farm we practice specialized pasture-based farming techniques. These include rotational grazing (moving our animals to fresh pasture daily) and multi-species grazing, which mimics the way different animals form relationships in the natural world. These techniques allow us to raise our animals with no need for medication or antibiotics. They are happy spending most of their lives free to move around outside. Pasture-based farming also results in tastier and healthier meat and eggs than conventional factory farmed meat and eggs generally found at the grocery store. You can read more about the way we raise our animals and the health benefits of eating pastured meat and eggs in the “our animals” and “our meat” sections of our website.

Netherleigh Farm is lovingly run by Phillip and Alina Holmes, with help from their children Mason, Amélie, and Davison.

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