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At Netherleigh Farm we are committed to providing delicious, healthy, sustainably-farmed meat to our customers.


We care strongly about sustainable livestock farming and the health benefits of pastured meat and eggs and we want to make it as easy as possible for others to have access to the meat and eggs we raise on our farm. We also think it is important that people know exactly where their meat is coming from. We are not a buying club in any way and we guarantee that every ounce of meat we deliver to our customers was raised on our farm

We invite our customers to come to the farm to see exactly how we raise the meat that they will be eating. 

There are three easy ways to get our meat:

Sign up for regular monthly deliveries of our meat. A great way to get healthy, delicious meat on your table without a large freezer!

A one-time delivery of meat. Great if you want to try before signing up for our subscription service!

Stock up your freezer with a large quantity of pork or beef at once. 

All of our meat is delivered right to your door!

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